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Our Bucket Lists

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Everyone has a bucket list, right?  So does our family!

Check out each of our ever-growing bucket lists below and check back as we check them off, share our stories, and add in new ones!

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  1.  Ride on a jet ski.
  2.  Ride a quad in an exciting adventure location.
  3.  Visit Canada.
  4.  Zip line.
  5.  Visit Japan.
  6.  Spend time at every Disney property.
  7.  Travel on a train.
  8.  Stay in every Walt Disney World hotel.
  9.  Visit Walt Disney World during the holiday season and each of their seasonal events.
  10.  Visit Europe.
  11. See the Northern Lights in person.
  12. Go on a cruise!
  13. Swim in beautiful blue waters.
  14. Start a successful blog! (Help me achieve this bucket list item by joining the Newsletter and following our family adventures!)
  15. Bring Mini to Disney in each stage of his life.
  1. Travel to Ireland.
  2. Watch a hockey game in Canada.
  3. See the Golden Gate Bridge.
  1. Visit every east coast aquarium.
  2. Feed a giraffe.
  3. Pet all the puppies.
  4. Meet Mickey Mouse.
  5. Dance to every Disney Junior theme song at least 100 times.
Comment below with some of your bucket list items!


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