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Hello, hello and welcome to the family!

About Daytay, the WomanDaytay smiling headshot with a Mickey Mouse pen

I’m Daytay, wife of Yockie and mama of Mini.  I’m a music lover, Disney addict (the proof is in the Pinterest), and workaholic.  My family is everything to me and my sister is forever my best friend. I’m a woman on the go, always looking for new and exciting ways to “relax.”  I value brutal honesty and open communication and believe strong communities foster success in all things.  Since I was just a young’un, I’ve been a “need to know” kind of gal: When will we get there?  What’s next?  Why is that the way it is?  Combine all these facts and here we are:  The Daily Daytay.  After an overwhelming first year of motherhood, I’m here to create a “home” for all the things I’ve been looking for: Facts.  Community.  Details.   Suggestions.  Sense of self.  Real life.  I have no time for sugar-coating and no interest in keeping up with the Joneses:  Let them keep up with me.

Yockie and Daytay in wetsuits smilingAbout Daytay, the Wife

Yockie and I were introduced to each other by my sister.  We texted back and forth for months before ever meeting in person and had already decided how many children we wanted together by our first real date. (It was 12, if you must know- enough for 2 small hockey teams.  That was before we actually HAD a child, mind you.)  Our initial text exchange consisted of me correcting him on the spelling of my name and our first date included the exciting tale of how he found a dead body as a child.  (If that doesn’t set the tone for a relationship, I don’t know what does.)  Two years later we got engaged and the rest is history.  Now we live an average suburban life with our toddler, rescue pup, and two kitties.  We are far from the perfect couple, but totally in love… and we all know that’s what matters most.  I mean, both our names are on the account at the local pizza shop- so I see a long, happy future ahead of us…. 😉


About Daytay, the MamaDaytay and Mini smiling together

I’m a work from home mother to one handsome little boy, my heart and soul and our rainbow baby: Mini.  I’m a breastfeeding, babywearing, cloth diapering kind of mama and follow an attachment parenting philosophy.  I believe in always doing what’s best for your individual child and treating them with respect.  Our Mini man is an energetic, curious, independent little guy who loves music and dancing and can’t get enough of his family.  He’s spoiled like crazy and loved endlessly by everyone around him- and I wouldn’t have it any other way. (Neither would he; that boy loves the attention!)  I’m always on the hunt for fun things to do with him and new mommy friends to join us.  Be sure to join us over on Facebook to join our mommy crew and follow along in our adventures!

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